About Fruit So Hard

Hi there! Welcome!

I’m super glad you’re here. But you’re probably on this page to find out more about this blog called Fruit So Hard. I mean, what the heck is that? Well, let’s chat. Get comfy, grab a mug of golden milk latte, and take a peek below to see what we’re all about here.

By we, I mean me (Mickey) and Husband. I’m the one who makes breakfast and dessert. Husband is the one who makes dinner. Occasionally, I ask very nicely for him to tell me all about how he made his delicious food. But I mostly post my own dishes, which are either my own creations or recipes adapted from other amazing food blogs I absolutely adore. If a recipe came from Husband, I’ll mention that in the notes. Otherwise, you can assume they’re mine. But we’re a good team here, so it doesn’t really matter. 😉


Always vegan

Every single recipe on Fruit So hard is first and foremost always vegan. Husband and I are vegan – have been since 2013. And we fully plan on staying that way forever, so you’ll only find vegan recipes on the blog. Does that mean our recipes are basically twigs and leaves? Absolutely not. See “100% delicious” below. We’re eating things like French Toast Oatmealcornbread muffinsdonuts, cupcakes, cookie bars, and so much more. Everything here is super delicious. But it’ll always be vegan, and that’s a promise.

If you’re not vegan, welcome! I hope you find something delicious to try. And I hope you’ll learn more about why veganism is so important and, as a movement, growing like crazy. Resources like vegankit.com and Vegan Outreach can help with the education front. Bite Size Vegan has a ton of incredible videos on the topic. And other food blogs will show you how amazing the food is! My favorites are Minimalist Baker, Feasting on Fruit, One Green Planet, Forks Over Knives, The Oatmeal Artist, Oh She Glows, and The Vegan 8. I find new ones I love all the time though. If you’re ever looking for a specific recipe, Google “vegan” + the dish you want to make. I guarantee you’ll find something!

Lots of fruit

You could probably tell that from the name. We fruit so hard around here. Sure, you’ll find some recipes without fruit, but the majority of my recipes include some kind of fruit. Why fruit? Well, it’s delicious for starters. It’s the perfect way to sweeten something without adding any refined (or unrefined) sugar. It’s like nature’s candy. And, contrary to popular belief, it’s really good for you. Like REALLY good for you. Yes, fruit = carbs. But our bodies need those carbs. So my favorite way to eat fruit is by itself. But you don’t need a recipe for peeling an orange. So the ones I share use fruit for baking, cooking, and eating in general. Add more fruit to your diet and see how you feel! Fruit hard with me. 🙂

Mostly gluten-free

I’ve dabbled with being gluten-free. I read a lot of wrong information when I first started my journey to health, which is how I found veganism. So I gave up gluten for a long time, which means I got pretty good at cooking and baking without it. Plus, I have several friends who don’t or can’t eat it, and because I love to feed people, I’ve had to keep up with GF lifestyles. Therefore, most of the recipes you’ll see here are GF. Occasionally, you might see one that isn’t, but you’ll see it tagged “non-GF” and I’ll more than likely have a suggestion for a replacement. But, as you’ll see, GF eating is also delicious! See below for more info on that.

100% delicious

I will never post a recipe I don’t personally enjoy. If I wouldn’t eat it, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to. We all have different taste buds, but that’s why there are different blogs and different recipes. These are ones that I think are scrumptious. And I hope you do too! I very rarely use sugar, usually opting to go with maple syrup or – better yet! – fruit to sweeten my dishes, even the desserts. And all of my dishes are pretty easily customizable, so if you want to add more sweetener to taste, feel free. Or if you want to switch some ingredients out, not include others, or add something else, you can usually do that. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments or contact me. I’m happy to help. 🙂