About Mickey

My name is Mickey, and I’m passionate about eating for the good of your health, the animals, and the planet. For me, this includes being vegan, so this blog is dedicated to recipes, tips, and tricks on how to embrace that lifestyle. A lot of my recipes are also gluten-free as well, as I experimented with it and have GF friends. But my favorite thing to cook with, bake with, and eat is fruit. So you’ll definitely see a ton of recipes with fruit in them on this blog.

I’m a thirty-something living in the Phoenix area of Arizona with Husband, my pets, and the sunshine. I’m a writer of fiction and nonfictionblogger, dessert addict, baker, DIY-er, and binge-watcher. I love all kinds of entertainment (booksmusic, movies, games), and I’m an avid peacekeeper, spreading positivity and love as far as I can.

Mostly, you’ll see recipes from me. Recipes I’ve tried and made my own from other blogs, and recipes I’ve come up with myself. Baking is what I’m best at, so I’ll post about breakfasts, desserts, and snacks. But you’ll also see recipes from Husband. He’s the cook in the family, so when he makes something particularly delicious, I ask him very nicely for the recipe so I can post it up here for you guys. Please let us know if you ever try anything we share with you!


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