#TradeInTuesday – Honey

Welcome to the first Trade-In Tuesday! It’s all about making the switch to vegan substitute products to keep it simple and provide an easy transition to the eating lifestyle. I don’t get paid to advertise any of these products or recipes. They’re the solutions I have tried out and stand behind.

People always think vegans are missing out on the finer things in life. They assume we just eat salads and french fries, because when you say that you’re vegan, they examine their own eating habits and take out all the animal products–which leaves them with salad and french fries. And that’s a totally unfair assessment. Vegans eat LOTS of amazing foods that taste good AND make us feel good. We get the best of both worlds. Plus, we help the animals! <3

So stayed tuned to Trade-In Tuesdays, where I’ll show you how to seamlessly make the switch and still eat all the foods you enjoy. 🙂

Today’s trade-in is for HONEY! 

This is made with apples, beet sugar, and lemon juice (all organic and non-GMO) instead of the bee product, and it’s a wonderful substitute for honey. I’ve baked with it plenty of times, and it’s perfect for those who have an allergy to honey. You can use it with mustard, in hot beverages, or as a topping for pancakes. With a wide variety of uses, this product really comes in handy.

They have a few different flavors available as well, but I’ve only found the original flavor at my local Sprouts. Find out where you can purchase this by clicking here. You can also buy this online.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.