#ThankfulThursday – Friends

Today, I want to thank my friends.
I’m going through some weird stuff. Like, weird stuff. It all feels like nothing major but something so significant at the same time. I can tell I’m in some bizarre shift right now. Things are changing, and I have a lot of choices to make. And one day, a Thankful Thursday post will be about my voice and being able to pick and choose things to make these changes, but today, I want to thank the people who are my sounding board so I can make those choices wisely.
Because y’all rock.
Like, seriously.
I think some seriously strange things! And you guys listen to it, gently remind me that I’m not crazy, and then help me figure out where to go after that. Things happen in my life and I need advice about how to approach things. People come and go, feelings get hurt, and time certainly heals wounds, but friends who lend ears and hearts speed up that process. When my feelings, thoughts, or ideas are validated, my world feels like it’s on solid ground. 
And for that, I thank you.
My poor husband is the best of them all. I say “poor” because he has to answer the truly off-the-wall questions that come out of my mouth. Some days, I’m not sure whose brain is in my head because the stuff I think up astonishes even ME. But he listens, answers, and carefully gives explanations to these things. Or he’ll ask questions back that help me think out solutions to my mysteries so I do it on my own. More things to think about. Yay! But it really does help. 🙂 
I could name names here, but you know who you are. Whether we talk on a daily basis, visit only when you’re in town, chat solely online, or have dinner together monthly, you’re very special to me. I don’t want to live this life alone, and you’re there for me, guiding me, aiding me, soothing me, and keeping me grounded and sane. And I’m so touched when you think of me when I’m not around you, when we’re not in contact at the moment. <3
If I could explain how blessed I am to have such positive, inspiring, spiritually rich, and joyful friends, I would. I can put it into words, but they’ll never fully give you the extent of it all. I’m lucky. So, so lucky in this life. I have a great family, but you’re the incredible family I chose, the people who choose, in turn, to stick by me. I learn new things from you every day, and I can only hope to spread some peace and joy in your lives as well. 
My journey is always changing. It’s fluid, constantly moving along, fluctuating in ways I’m unaware of sometimes. But it’s a path that’s lit with the lights of my friends, and I have some friends who shine SO bright! Please keep shining your light. Keep it sparkly and full of life and energy. Know that you are loved by me and countless others. Because you’re amazing and I love you. <3
Thank you.

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