#MeatlessMonday – Observations

  1. There are two different types of people: those who are overly concerned about whether or not I can eat when we go out to dinner or to a party and those who tease me about what they eat and I don’t. I appreciate the level of concern some show for my well-being, and I’m unfortunately getting used to those who go out of their way to comment every time I sit down to eat with them. You know where you fall. Please think about keeping those mean comments to yourself.
  2. It’s like I have a new set of ears for listening to things regarding my lifestyle. Our disconnect from life itself has created people who don’t view animals as living beings but rather vehicles for food for their consumption. We talk about eating them as if it’s some magical process where a life isn’t horrifically taken. We speak about it as though their lives don’t matter. It’s terrifying and disheartening.
  3. Leading by example is hard. It’s not hard to be the example. The hard part is not screaming at people and shoving information down their throats. I don’t want to be that militant vegan, but I can see why the outrage is present in those who are. I suppress it because people don’t like it, but I also see that people don’t seem to care that I don’t like hearing about their hunting trips or steak dinners. It doesn’t go both ways, and that’s not fair, but life isn’t fair. Which is why I’ve gone vegan–to help balance some of that.
  4. Sometimes, I’m overcome with guilt about how I lived the first 27 years of my life. I actively took part in a world where living creatures had to be brutally murdered in order for me to have a meal. Usually, steak dinners were treats for a hard week of work or something. Looking back at it, I cry. I can’t believe I thought that ordering meat was a way to treat myself, that something had to die in order to reward myself for making it through a hard week. That animal had it way harder.
  5. Because of all of this, I don’t know how to be my authentic self. I’m not even sure who she is. She’s angry, upset, depressed, uplifted, full of tears, full of joy, full of passion, suppressed, pushed down, irritated, happy, bogged down, loving, caring, adored, and so much more. But so many of those are so conflicting, and the others get crossed off the list around certain people. I’m fearful of losing friends or alienating people by unleashing my true beliefs, my full opinions, but are those people really friends, then? No one likes to be told that their beliefs are wrong, but it’s not fair that I have to sit back and listen to everyone else spew theirs when I don’t agree. I’m the crazy one though. I’m the one who should keep quiet because I’m too passionate, part of a cult, too dogmatic, unable to relate, too extreme, etc. Just know that we see eye to eye on that.
I’m sure there are more, but I had stuff to get off my chest today. This weekend was busy, eye-opening, and a lot of fun. I just can’t always keep everything inside. And this is my blog, so it’s my rules. 🙂 I hope you had a great Monday!! Was it meatless? 🙂
Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.

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  1. I had friends/family who had a particular diet (vegan, vegetarian, peskitarian) and I didn't do the first point as far as teasing goes, but I did witness some other family members doing it. My fault was when I would forget about their dietary choices. For example, I'd offer a peskitarian a turkey sandwich. Anyway, just wanted to say that I hope things are better for you in 2016 and that the friends you do have don't make you feel bad for living your life the way you do. 🙂

    Arianne | Ayre

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