Everything Good is Gradual

While watching the sky light up from the sun’s impending presence this morning, I realized that this world doesn’t have an on switch.

That is to say, everything in nature takes place gradually.

The sun slowly rises and sets, steadily bringing day after day, night after night. The seasons quietly change, one fading into another. All living things start small and grow over time. Thus, health is also a progressive process.

Millions of people believe they need to lose weight in order to be healthy, and while that may be the case for many, some just need a different lifestyle to achieve actual health. Either way, weight loss is another thing in life that shouldn’t have an on switch. For it to be safe and natural, you need to have it occur by degrees. Slowly but surely if you will.

But weight loss does not equal health. On the same token, weight gain does not equal failure.

I’ve said this all before, but watching the sunrise this morning made it all very clear to me. Perhaps this is something you need to experience (both slow weight loss and a breathtaking, gradual sunrise). The point is that we should be striving to live through nature, and in nature, things take time.

If we take a step back from the weight loss theme, which I’d like to do, then I think this sunrise also reminded me to have patience and trust. I’m taking a huge leap by making editing my only job, and I’ll admit to feelings of apprehension and fear. But this morning I remembered to have trust, hope, and optimism. It’s not always easy, but I woke up today, so I’ll keep trying.

And you should too.

Everything good is gradual. Practice patience and acceptance. Give and take love. Be love. Life is so much easier that way.

Eat your fruits and veggies, kids.