Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is the perfect way to start the day. And you’ll find no shortage of baked oatmeal recipes here on Fruit So Hard! It’s one of my favorite things, so I’m always trying a new recipe or flavor. And then posting it right here so you guys, my favorite people, can try them!

Fudgy, chocolaty brownie baked oatmeal topped with walnuts #fruitsohard #vegan #glutenfree #chocolate #brownie #oatmeal #bakedoats #recipe
Fudgy Brownie Baked Oatmeal

We have chocolate. We have fruit. And we have some in between. Try our fudgy brownie baked oatmeal (pictured above) or our French toast oatmeal (pictured below), which is probably my absolute favorite.

A naturally sweetened baked French toast oatmeal that's so comforting and easy to make! #fruitsohard #vegan #glutenfree #frenchtoast #breakfast
Baked French Toast Oatmeal

If fruit is your thing, you’re definitely in the right place. Here at Fruit So Hard, I aim to include fruit in everything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert. Sometimes, these baked oatmeals can actually BE dessert. But you can have them for breakfast. So we’re all winners here, aren’t we?

A naturally sweetened, fruity baked blueberry pie oatmeal! #fruitsohard #vegan #glutenfree #blueberry #oatmeal
Baked Blueberry Pie Oatmeal

We even put VEGGIES in dishes sometimes here at Fruit So Hard. Believe it or not, zucchini is one of the best things to put into oatmeal. So you’ll find a few baked oatmeal recipes that include zucchini! And even carrot! But all of these are so customizable that you’ll figure out how YOU like it.

Chocolate oatmeal baked with zucchini? Oh yes! Added veggies without altering the taste--that's a good thing! #fruitsohard #vegan #glutenfree #chocolate #brownie #zucchini
Baked Chocolate Zucchini Oatmeal

Basically, there’s a flavor for everyone here on the blog. And, if there isn’t, I’m happy to try something new to find something we can all enjoy. It’s definitely not a hardship to experiment over here! So let me know what you’d like to see on the blog and I’ll see what I can whip up! Happy eating!

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